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Quality Pets FAQ

What is Quality Pets?
Quality Pets is a pet and pet supply wholesaler. We serve pet stores throughout the southern plains. We're located in Oklahoma City near the historic Stockyards.

Can I buy from Quality Pets?
If you own a pet store in our delivery area, all you need to do is fill out one of our new customer forms. Or contact us at (405) 272-1091.

How long do I float my fish before releasing them?
Contrary to popular belief, it is harmful to float bags more than 10 minutes due to chemical reaction that starts to occur the moment the bag touches the tank water. This creates a highly toxic ammonia inside the bag.

When is a good time to start restocking our Koi pond or Water garden?
It is generally a good idea to wait until around Easter (or April 1) to start working on your pond. This is to avoid any late hard freezes in our area. If you live north of Oklahoma, or at much higher elevations (New Mexico mountains), you may want to wait a little longer.   Our Koi are imported. We have  a few pond plants already. Also, most pond supplies are now, or shortly will be on sale.

Care Tips for your animals

Did you know? Birds can generally tolerate cold temperatures as long as they are not in a draft. Make sure A.C. vents are turned away from the cage. The same applies to heating vents.

All About Hermit Crabs : Land hermit crabs make a wonderful starter pet. They are low maintenance and are generally inexpensive to start up. Hermit crabs should be set up in an aquarium preferably with 2-3 inches of sand. Gravel may also be used. The temperature should be above 70 degrees F and preferably around 85 degrees F. If the tank is too cold or too dry, the crabs will become inactive.
A very shallow non-metal dish of fresh water and a drinking sponge should be kept in the tank. The water should be kept very shallow as the crabs can drown if submerged for a prolonged period and cannot escape the water dish.
A half shell or shallow dish should be kept for food. It is recommended that they be fed daily with a good commercial hermit crab food and supplemented with small amounts of lettuce, apple, uncooked oatmeal, or whole wheat bread. Hermit crabs eat very little and very slowly, so any uneaten food should be removed daily to avoid spoilage.
To get your crabs active, you may lightly mist them each day. Larger sized shells should be kept in the aquarium so the hermit crab can easily change shells when it is ready. Coral pieces or choya wood are also excellent items to keep in the aquarium, as hermit crabs like to climb. As always, it is best to purchase a care book before puchasing any live animal. Hermit crabs make an excellent family pet, as they have been known to live as long as 15 years.

Is my Child ready for a Small Pet? Try the Plant Test. Take your child to a local nursery and together, pick out a hardy plant. Select some literature on the plant as well. Explain to your child the purpose of the exercise and the commitment required to care for a plant and the even greater commitment required for an animal. Encourge your child's questions regarding the plant and its care. If the plant withers and yellows, or you end up doing all the watering, the child may not be ready to care for a small animal.




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