The Emperor Scorpion

The Emperor Scorpion is found throughout most of tropical Africa. The largest of the 1100 known species of scorpions, it can grow to a length of ten inches (from tip of tail, or telsen as it is called, to the end of the claws, or pedipalps as they are called). Scorpions feed on a large variety of animals. In captivity they do well on crickets, roaches, and pink(baby) mice . Fear of scorpions can be justified. There are about six species that can kill human beings, but most of these live in Northern Africa and the Middle East. All of these deadly scorpions have fine narrow shaped claws. The scorpions with the large claws such as Emperors are reluctant to sting and if they do, the venom is very weak, usually not even as bad as a bee sting. Scorpions are invertebrates, animals without backbones, and this means they have to shed their skin or exoskeleton( having their bones on the outside). During the shedding or molting process, humidity is very important. Too much humidity and the outer skeleton is too soft for the animal to break free of, too little humidity and the exoskeleton is too hard. If the animal can not molt, it will die. Originating from a tropical environment, this scorpion should be kept warm around 85 degrees with a constant humid environment.